Here are some of the prominent people who never know you have been a preacher from their industries:

1. Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker was an incredible actor who has appeared in films such as “Rush Hour,” “Money Talks”

His films are humorous as he’s an entertainer. He never quit the Hollywood industry officially, but chose once to focus on blue moons.

When he was born Christian again, he picked roles or characters in films. He declined to sign the Smokey sequels.

2. Elizabeth Benson-Ameye

In the 1990s Liz Benson was a famous performer.

In several movies and TV shows, including a famous soap opera named “Fortunes,” She played important roles.

Afterwards, the actress left the film industry to live a life like Christ.

In 2006, she was ordained an evangelist and now runs with his partner, Bishop Great Ameye, the Freedom Family Assembly in Warri, Delta ..

3. Kirk Cameron

Following years as an atheist, Kirk Cameron gave Christ his life and at the age of seventeen he became a Christian.

Cameron’s “growing pain” was great success.

Before he introduced them he also insisted that those parts be omitted from his TV script, as he thought that certain aspects were contradictory to his new faith.

His life is devoted to evangelism and Christian instruction on how to evangelize.

4. Pat Attah

Pat Attah is a very beautiful Nigerian film star. However, he’s no longer in films because he’s become a priest and doesn’t want a compromise.

In Hamburg , Germany, resides the well-formed actor and singer. He often preaches and uses websites like Facebook to promote the Word of God.

5. Mase

Mase is an international rapper whose 1997 album Harlem World was released.

After his recording “Double-Up,” he wanted to leave the entertainment industry and put a stop to the rap to focus on a calling from Heaven.

In 2012, Mase was appointed pastor and founder of El Elyone International Church and the Ministries of Mason Betha. However, his ministry stopped as he decided to return to rap because he believed that his move to become a pastor was too early.

6. Zack Orji

Zack Orji is a well-known actor from Nollywood and the Chair of the Actors Guild (AGN).

Later, he dedicated his life to God and became a full time evangelist and priest in the Bible Church of the Power Line.

Whilst he is an ordained minister who evangelises in and outside Nigeria, he also plays films and takes roles carefully.

7. Michelle Williams

It was a well-known singer, Michelle Williams.

While she never quit the music industry entirely, she wanted to shift the music she performs to gospel. She was at the height of her career when she did it.

Michelle has posted a “Heart To Yours” gospel album

8. Eucheria Anunobi

Like Liz Benson, Eucheria Anunobi was scandalous, as she played the part in the “Glamour Girls” film.

She repented and gave her life to Christ after her failed marriage.

She has been ordained an evangelist at the Ministry of Fresh Oil, Egbeda, Lagos.

Eucheria preaches now in the church as a minister and advises the young.

9. Montell Jordan

The circular artist Montell Jordan was behind the hit jam, “this is how we do it.”

He wanted, however, to use his talent and reconnect with faith for Christ.

He entered the Victory World Church in Atlanta, where he served as a Minister for Culture, with his wife, Kristin, and his kids.

He then released “Shake Heaven” a gospel album.

10. Majid Michel

Majid Michel was born and born in Accra, Ghana, Ghanaian / Nollywood actor.

He declared publicly that he gave Christ his life and would not be seen in romantic films.

Even after being born again, he never ceased performing entirely, only the type of films in which he acted became restricted.

Are you not proud of the celebrities who have already become God’s servants?

What do you believe about their call?

How Many other famous people do you know to quit the entertainment industry to perform the work of God?


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