Nigeria is said to be one of the most religious nations in the world, this seems to be true because Nigerians are known to be prayerful and religious people, both the Christians and the Muslims are prayerful.

There are a lot of churches and ministries in Nigeria today, the walls on the streets are filled with lots of church posters, the electricity poles are not spared as sometimes you can see church posters pasted tightly around it. The fences and Gates of some personal houses are not spared as well, as some church posters are being pasted on them.

The church posters are used to create awareness and to invite people to church programs. Some church posters are normal, while others are extremely hilarious, this is because an attempt to make the posters catchy makes them end up looking like a joke.

Below are 34 photos of funny Nigerian church posters that will make you laugh


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