Churchng, your authentic Christian news platform in Nigeria has taken a look the two most popular white garment churches and here are the notable differences.

Both the Celestial Church of Christ (ccc) and Cherubim & Seraphim (c&s) are very popular in Nigeria. They both have a lot of members. However, both of them are known as white garment churches. This is because their members are always to put on white garment anytime they are coming to church. This has made a lot of people confused, as they find it hard to differentiate between a celestial Church of Christ (ccc) member and a cherubim and Seraphim (c&s) member. Let’s take a look at a few points that will help us differentiate between the both churches.

(celestial church of christ)


1) Their belief on wearing shoes

Celestial Church of Christ (ccc) believe that immediately a member put on the white garment, they are not to wear shoe at all whether they are inside the church or not. While cherubim and Seraphim member are permitted to wear shoe even if they’re putting on their white garment, but they are not permitted to wear shoes inside the church.

2) Candles used for prayers

The celestial Church of Christ uses just white candle when they want to do their prayers, while the cherubim and Seraphim uses different colours of candle.

3) How they shout hallelujah

Celestial church of Christ shouts 7 hallelujah, hosanna, ebenezer to the four corners of the earth i.e north, south, east and west. This means they shout hallelujah 28 times. While Cherubim & Seraphim shouts hallelujah just 7 times.

4) Ruling body

Celestial church of Christ is ruled by a single ruling authority, while Cherubim & Seraphim has divisions.

5) Use of language

Celestial church of Christ can use different languages like english, but Cherubim & seraphim churches mostly use yoruba language.


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