A few days ago I came across a girl on uniform who was on her way back from school, and to my greatest surprise she asked for permission to share the Word of God with me.

I must say it was a pleasant surprise to see a girl of her age (about sixteen years or less), yet have God on her mind to the extent of wanting to share His Word with others, especially considering the amount of distractions the society poses in this day and age to take away young people’s minds from God.

So i immediately obliged letting her know that I was also a child of God to encourage her a bit and make her feel more comfortable to share whatever she had in mind.

So she started preaching, and while she did I listened attentively to what she had to say, and it came to a point while she was yet speaking that it became clear to me that she was sent by God, for some of the things she said she couldn’t have possibly known without the help of the Holy Spirit, since they had to do with my personal walk with God, and that was the first time we had ever met.

After she was through and had prayed for me, I told that I believe she was sent to me by the Holy Spirit because there were things she was saying about me that she wouldn’t have known except He had let her know. And she said yes, that she wanted to refuse but…

So she actually knew she was sent by the Holy Spirit, which was also surprising to me, because I thought that she was sent without knowing it, but she let me know that it was actually the Spirit of God that was leading her to show that she already had a walk with Him.

I understand that it wasn’t easy for her, hence her initial reluctance, but she showed she was willing to do what the Spirit of God had led her to do, by her going ahead as a result to talk to a stranger who was by far her senior for the first time in a public place, and I believe the Spirit of God gave her the courage she needed to carry out His instruction.

I thanked her for yielding herself to the instruction of the Spirit, because it was encouraging to yet receive another endorsement from God via someone I had never met before.

But what was encouraged me the most was to see someone so young yet walking with God to the extent of being led of His Spirit, in a society where most teenagers were being led of the flesh and the things of the world.

I pray that God keeps her yielded to His Spirit, and hope that other teenagers can learn from her example which shows that it’s possible to be a teenager and still be led by the Spirit and not the things of the flesh.


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