Popular Ukraine based Nigerian Pastor, Sunday Adelaja is in the news again. This time the man of God has come out to boldly state that a Christian can not be condemned to hell for just one sin. Here are his exact words

It is not works or sin that take Christian to hell. Christians don’t go to hell for one particular sin or the other. Sin takes only unbelievers to hell. Let’s say, somebody dies fornicating and he is a child of God, he has personal relationship with God will go to hell or heaven? My answer is NO! If he is in a good relationship with God and he is a child of God, and it doesn’t matter what you call the name of the sin, either fornication or any other one”.

He further added that “If a believer has relationship with God and he didn’t break that relationship, of course he will not go to hell because he didn’t walk away from God. He didn’t deny his faith, he just happened to sin just like all of us are sinning. It doesn’t matter what particular sin”

He then used the opportunity to address the scandal he was involved in some times ago

“So, because I have scandal about women, some people thinks now I’m endorsing or saying fornication and adultery is okay, that I’m saying people can sin anyhow, they can commit adultery and fornicate, they will not go to hell, but that is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about Christians and their personal relationship with God. I’m not talking about sin but any sin can take an unbeliever to hell, but for the children of God, you are already in the kingdom of God.”

Sunday Adelaja is known for making controversial comments and stirring up strife among men of God, just early this year, he reportedly asked Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis church to stop preaching his own version of the Gospel and instead learn from him.

He also accused Nigerian Pastors of Fueling the corruption in the country.

Here is the link to the video of Sunday Adelaja telling believers one sin cannot take them to hell :


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