Just few decades ago, young ministers where shouting REPENT!!! But now young ministers are shouting ‘CAN I PROPHESY’
How did we get here?

Bro, yes you sirr your mate just finished closing all the shrines in a thick village and you’re here begging for mic. Aunty they just raised a dead child that was bitten by a snake in another village, but you are here in the city dragging for solo. You want to solo song ba? Solo your secret place first ma.

It is a pity that boys who are supposed to still be ushers in their church are jumping up and down calling their selfs Apostle! Bishop, pastay? When you haven’t found God…

You’re supposed to be serving in a church but they’re calling you papa and you’re feeling yourself.

You have not mastered the art of prayer and you’re looking for ministry?

It’s a pity that a guy can spend six to seven years after getting admission before being a qualified medical doctor, but when it comes to spiritual matters, he wants to start prophesying immediately after his calling…just wait more sir!!

God told you you’re gonna be a national evangelist, Mr Man, the first thing is not to look for graphic designer to start designing flyers for you. You need to look for God. You just had the vision, it’s not time to open a WhatsApp group and start demonstrating. It’s time to be prepared in the secret place.

Everyone just want to show he’s a minister on fb, so they will be calling you sir or papa. To the extent someone will carry mic to studio and snap…… Pathetic right?

I remember when we where chasing demons, doing deliverance for people then I was in secondary school. Some of us that where tingled by the results and wanted to do ministry immediately where are they today?….

That people fell down when you led prayers last meeting does not mean you’re ready. We’ve seen people fall down a lot but ministry is deeper sir!!!!

Those results are incentives for you to press more. My dear brother wait don’t be in a hurry to blow as they say in the contemporary world. Sister cool down and look for God by yourself. Don’t listen to Apostle Joshua Selman message and preach exactly the same thing for us, we will know, just wait on God personally. Go and hide somewhere, fast, pray study. No man comes from no where. They all emerge from somewhere
If you rush you may join those boys using Strange powers.

This is a call from the spirit to your secret place. Stay there and wait till you’re ready. When you’re ready you will know. It is called seasons of appearing.

The more you stay in the womb of the Holy Ghost the more of his presence you host.
The longer you wait the weightier the glory
*Tarry* to *carry*
Your altar is calling you

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