Amidst the controversies & conspiracy theories surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, Rev. Victor Adeyemi receives COVID-19 vaccination.

The senior pastor and founder of Global Harvest Church gets vaccinated.

It’s no longer news that some big name churches with followers both online and offline some months back made claims that the COVID-19 vaccines are microchips which represent the Mark of the Beast, the anti-christ 666 number. Their members or followers were told not to get vaccinated in order not to ignorantly get the anti-christ mark on their bodies.

Rev. victor Adeyemi receiving his Convid-19 vaccine

Rev. Victor Adeyemi will be the second Nigerian Church leader who would come out openly to say he received the COVID-19 vaccination after the KICC Senior Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo received his shot few months back.

Does it mean that these Pastors doesn’t have faith? Have they knowingly or unknowingly received the Mark of the Beast according to some big religious leaders who are ‘anti-vaccine’ has said?

In a post obtained on the Reverend’s IG handle by churchng, the reverend had said “wisdom is profitable to direct. If the great Apostle Paul could recommend wine for Timothy’s stomach as medicine, God definitely has nothing against the COVID-19 vaccine. It does not negate faith.”

A lot of people are still waiting for their Papa in the Lord to get vaccinated and give their permission to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Ignore the viral false claim and get vaccinated.

Rev. Victor Adeyemi

Do you know any other man of God who has received the vaccines too? Do let us know in the comment section.

Rev. Victor Adeyemi, Eku vaccination o.

Stay Safe Guys!









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