Nigerian social media influencer and Promoter has come out to attack the founder and the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleiman on the testimony he gave concerning one Pastor in Germany.

Johnson Suleiman who was preaching to his congregation and teaching them the principle of faith gave an example of a man of God that traveled from Germany to France without any traveling document.

According to him he said the man of God received a revelation from God that he will travel to France for ministrations without traveling documents, although he didn’t believe he had to follow God’s commands, he went to the Airport just as he was directed and on getting there, God told him to join the queue which he did, then he began to wonder how he will pass through the securities without been checked.

When he was five people away, God told him to go to the Airport toilet and pray, he went to pray and began to speak in tongues, and when he went out of the toilet as God’s directive he met himself in France.

This testimony that apostle Johnson Suleiman gave was unbelievable to Tundeednut, so he reacted that such can’t happen anywhere in the World and he felt the pastor was lying to his congregation about the testimony.



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