“A man who is born of the Spirit is not just a man who is born again, he is a man who has gone through the dealings of God until his life becomes a theatre through which the dimensions of Heaven carry him. Those are the things flesh will fight and if God wants to do business with you, He will break you.
Oh, how beautiful it is to behold a man that God has broken. When the Lord breaks a man, that’s when the portals begin to do business with him.
You want to do business with God, you must come to the altar of sacrifice where you are broken.” – Apostle Michael Orokpo

The above statement captures the personal experience of Apostle Michael Orokpo whom God is using in this end-time to reap the harvest into His Kingdom through his Holy Spirit capsulated messages to bring about alignment and encounters for believers especially the youth. He is passionate about soul winning and spreading the message of revival to quicken the feeble in the Nations.

Born on 1st March, Apostle Michael Orokpo is Idoma by tribe from Benue State, Nigeria. Called by God to be a prophet, he had his first encounter with God at the age of 7 and from then he began to have visions. By the age of 9, he recounts giving his father a prophetic message from God even when he had no understanding of what he said. In his words, “He said, ‘tell him, if you are not careful, you will the architect of your misfortune.’ I didn’t know what architect meant. I went and told him: Daddy, if you are not careful, God said you will be the architect of your misfortune.” By the age of 12, he recalls arguing vehemently with the Holy Ghost that he won’t preach the gospel. However, by the mercies of God, God reached out to him in 2006 at a crusade organized in his village by Evangelist Vero Enewa Aluma (Dr Paul Enenche’s older sister).

In 2013, he tried to gain admission into the Nigerian Air Force through the Direct Short Service Course, but he was unsuccessful despite the top human connections he had. Another window eventually opened for him to join Nigerian Navy but by that time, he had totally surrendered to God’s will for his life, to serve God whether He gives him money or not, whether He gives him fame or not.

A man called to the school of discipleship, he has received impartation from many great men of God including Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche but his encounter with Apostle Arome Osayi helped in instituting a spiritual fatherhood over him. He shared recently how God launched him to the Nations after pruning him of the spirit of pride.

According to him, “A point came that even my own friends, God began to use them to deal with me. A friend of mine who we are Pastors at Remnant Christian Network, he has a fellowship in BSU (Benue State University), it is the largest fellowship in BSU. At that time, God asked me to go and work with him. When I went there, in 2017, as at then, I already had a master’s degree and God sent me to a fellowship that was on campus. He said, go and work with him. I had already applied for my Doctorate degree.
When I came to my friend, my friend said, ‘Okay, let me tell you the department you will work in.’ He carried me to the Ushering Department and he said, ‘you will grow through the ladder.’ I already knew what it meant to fast and pray for a whole year at that time.

I want to let you know that it’s not about the much fasting and prayer. You can go to the mountain. At this time, I had received impartation from men like Chris Oyakhilome, Dr Paul Enenche. I thought walking in the Anointing was to receive from somebody, then manifest. I would go for meetings in Lagos… I had attended conferences, Apostle Arome had already prophesied to me about nations.
My friend said, ‘come and be an Usher.’ I would come to Church, then they would put me at the door, because I was the earliest usher (to come). The senior ushers usually sat down and gave instructions. I would stand, then the brothers would come in, sisters would come in, then I would download them with a smile and give them an envelope.

When I did that thing for 1 year 6 months, that was when my heart was healed. I know realised that man is nothing. Man is actually dust, what gives him glory is God that is on his inside. That’s why you are called human: it means humus-man, you were created from humus.
What gives you value is God on your inside. Everything God carries you through has done nothing on God on your inside, it is the flesh that is resisting God that He is breaking.
In December 2018, God told me, there will be a temptation coming your way, he said, don’t fall because I want to begin to announce you. It took 13 years.

On the 24th of February, 4 days to my birthday which was 1st of March, the Lord told me, get your messages. I got the messages and He said to me, cut these clips out of them and call it the Puritan Capsule: some were 5 minutes, 6 minutes, 10 minutes. I cut it and He asked me to release it on Telegram. I dropped it on Telegram. On the 11th of March, which was around 3 weeks, the Puritan Capsule had gone to 7 nations of the world. On the 13th of March, I received an invitation to preach in Tulsa Oklahoma in USA. This was in less than 4 weeks. I received invitations from more than 18 states in this country (Nigeria), in less than 4 weeks.

What people took years of labour to enter, I was never known on the landscape; he kept me on the backside of the wilderness and he was dealing with me because he knew what was operational in me was PRIDE.

One of those days, I was praying in my room, then the Lord opened my eyes: the walls vanished, my room moved to the centre of my village and I saw two beings. One of them had 10 horns, the other was as if they exhumed the person from the grave, you could see through the bones. And he said, these are the 2 principalities that control lives and the destinies of people in your family.

There are 4 things they use to oppress people. One of them is PRIDE, the other one is lust and immorality; lying and anger. He said, if you will not fall to anything of these things, I will use you.

I thought it was prayer and fasting that will deal with it, NO. Sometimes, it is public disgrace. Sometimes it is public humiliation, sometimes it is public shame. The things you are fighting so much to protect yourself from, that’s the key to greatness.

One person abuse you, the Holy Ghost says, calm down, let me defend you but (you insist) you must tell everybody, you must call everybody and say it is not me that did it, it is this person, as you are talking you will lose your peace.

God says keep quiet. It is when you go through it that your life begins to blossom. He said when you walk through the waters, you will not be drowned, when you walk through the fire, you will not be burned.

Why? Because God is there. Even if the confederacy of darkness gathers around you, to destroy you, they can’t because God says, ‘speak a Word it shall not stand, bring counsel together it shall come to null because our God is in our midst.’ God is trying to work Himself into your life so that you can become an invincible entity. That’s when you become what Jesus calls, “like the wind bloweth, no man knoweth where it goeth or where it cometh, so are they that are born of the Spirit.”

Apostle Mike Orokpo has a B.Sc degree in Chemistry, M.Sc degree in Chemistry from the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State and he is currently undergoing his Doctorate degree in Chemistry at same University.

On 24th May 2019, he was ordained as a Reverend at Remnant Christian Network where he serves as both the Ministry’s global administrator and an adjunct instructor at the Cave Adullam Bible College, Makurdi, Nigeria.

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