The founder and general overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide (a.k.a. Winners Chapel) Bishop Oyedepo has a lovely and vibrant son named Pastor David Oyedepo junior. Yes, he is also a man of God.

The month of May which was the Liberation Month was the birth date of David Jr.

When his father, Bishop Oyedepo inquired to know the name of the newly born son, according to him, God told him that “Another Warrior has come” . This led to the name ‘Oluwamakinde ‘ (God has brought victory).

 David Jr had a humorous birth. His parents got married on August 30th 1982. Which was at month end. Let’s count…September-1, October-2, November – 3, December – 4, January-5, February – 6, March-7, April-8, May-9. David was born on June 1…Exactly 9 months after the wedding.

Born David Olumakinde Oyedepo (jnr)) in June 1983, same year the LFC was commissioned (Sept 83) and the first service held in Kaduna- December 11, 1983. Interestingly, exactly 30 years to that day, December 11, 2013, David preached his first message at Shiloh. Shiloh 2013.

Oyedepo Junior is an Alumni of both Oral Roberts University (ORU) and Oklahoma Christian University.David Oyedepo Jr was ordained together with his brother in May 2007 by Dr Kenneth Copeland.

He got married to Kemi Oyedepo (nee Olubu) in July 2008. The Minister at the wedding was Matthew Ashimolowo of KICC. Kemi is the founder of Crisis-Proof Your Family (CPYF) a major ministry aimed at ensuring successful marriages and families.

Pastor Makinde preached his first message at Faith Tabernacle on March 24th 2013, the day after his grandmother’s burial. He was introduced by Bishop David Abioye as the ‘next generation’.

In 2004, David became the youngest member of the Covenant University Board of Regents (the governing council).
Pastor David was formerly the Regional Pastor of LFC European Region. He oversaw the growth of the church and established the first Kingdom Heritage Model School of the commission outside the shores of Africa.

In August 2016, Bishop Oyedepo and Mummy Faith Oyedepo went on vacation. Pastor David Oyedepo Jr then ministered in 5 services on Sunday at Faith Tabernacle. It was the first time anyone aside Bishop Oyedepo would do that.

David Oyedepo is the youngest Vice President of the Living Faith Church. There are 4 other Vice Presidents including world renowned Bishop David Abioye.



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