Isaac Oyedepo, the youngest son of Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners Chapel, has announced to his almost 300 thousand followers across three social media networks that he is quitting the platforms.

Oyedepo, who is currently the senior pastor of Living Faith Church, Maryland, United States, said tomorrow January 17, 2020 would be his last day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Without giving any reason for his decision, the pastor said he was quitting social media “for good” and “will not be opening any other social media in the near future.”

Oyedepo, therefore, warned his followers to be wary of scammers who may want to grab the opportunity of his exit from social media to defraud members of the public.

“I will not send DMs to you requesting for any financial aid or asking for sponsorships of any orphanages or foundations. All accounts will be closed on or before the Sunday, 17th January 2021,” he said.

Oyedepo, however, noted that his website ( would be online for those who may want to reach him, adding that his podcasts on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and Google Podcasts would still be running.

He added that, “The Isaac Oyedepo Foundation is still up and running and all the information you need, including application forms will be available on our website.

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives using these platforms. God bless you and your entire household. Keep the fire burning! #ANewEra.”

Oyedepo had revealed in June, 2020 that he had health problems bordering on pre-diabetes symptoms, high-blood pressure and heart disease threat, but said that he was able to “conquer” them through lifestyle changes.

“It all began with a medical checkup in December 2018 (age 33). A checkup that became my turning point. With the help of my wife, we made lifestyle changes, albeit difficult but very necessary. I saw it as a life or death situation. Her care for me developed into a passion and that into a career. She is now a certified health coach.

“Now, I train 6 times a week with the help of a personal trainer. In 18 months, I have lost almost 50 pounds and defeated pre-diabetes symptoms, high blood pressure and heart disease threat through a healthy diet and exercise.

Pastor Oyedepo is married to Ayomitide Omogbadegun-Oyedepo and together they have four kids.

Many of his followers were left heart broken by the news of his exit from social media, which came amidst the ongoing 21 days fasting and prayer of the Living Faith Church. Others, however, commended him for summoning the courage to quit social media. Below are some of the reactions on his Facebook page:

Micah Joshua: “Fantastic- I am also leaving social media and actually updated my page yesterday – It’s not healthy- I want to spend my time outdoors with my children- God bless you Pastor Isaac.”

Nwanyioma Amaka Nmecha: “I will miss you. Thank you for your prayers and declarations towards the birth of my son. May God bless you exceedingly.”

Chinwe Nwokeoma Chy-Sam: “Once it is the direction of the Holy Spirit, no hard feelings, pastor. God’s continued guidance is my prayer for you.”

Agbeka Daniel Victor: “It is well Sir, most times we do better when we are off media and live a private life. Whatever reasons it might be, i know God is with you. I will miss your quotes Sir. Take good care of yourself and family. I love you.”

Kosiebestee Ohaka: “You left LFC Lokogoma it seems something is missing somewhere and when I finally came across your posts here on face book I was revived. Sincerely gonna miss your words of hope and uplifting. Hope to see you some other time in future for good, God’s plan and purpose is the best wish [for] you and your entire house hold, all the best as you endeavor Sir.”


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