Popular Nigerian cleric, Prophet T.B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations is back from his mountain retreat.

Churchng can authoritatively confirm that the Prophet known for his accurate and timely Prophecies came back with new Prophecies for the year 2021.

No doubt, many Nigerians will be glad about what he has to say, as this current year has been one of the most tragic year in human history with the ravaging Convid-19 Pandemic.

Remember Earlier in the year, T.B Joshua had given several prophecies including that concerning the United States’ election from the mountain.

A tweet by the preacher on Monday night urged the public to anticipate prophecies for 2021 on his cable channel Emmanuel TV.TB Joshua

“We welcome Prophet TB Joshua from the Prayer Mountain where the Year of Humility, the Year of Fear and the American Election were prophesied!

Here are some of the things he said;

“This year is planting a seed that will be harvested next year. What this monster called COVID-19 has been destroying will be seen clearly next year. Are we talking of companies – I mean, industries that are being destroyed, people losing their jobs, educational and faith organisations – I mean, faith institutions – being destroyed, divorce here and there, poverty becoming the order of the day? This is why the LORD has given me the grace to make these faith tools.

“This is a new Anointing Water. The content is new every morning. Never a sickness it cannot heal! Never an affliction it cannot cure – in Jesus’ name. Never a problem it cannot solve. Never a burden it cannot bear – in Jesus Christ’s name. Why the choice of water instead of oil? It is because it can be applied on any part of the body. It is not for sale; that is why it is anointed. Don’t be deceived due to desperation. Don’t forget – ignorance is a sin.”

  • Prophet TB Joshua

Watch the video below and let us know what you think about the cleric’s Prophecies on the coming year 2021.




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