Being rich is not hard — thinking and staying focused is.

Most Africans have been poor, so being rich is scary to them — they see it as hard. Trust me, most Africans hate hard things. They love things that are easy like:

1. Mast*rbation: slide their hands down there, self-service, and fall asleep — easy peasy, right?

2. Football g*mbling: watch and win money — the reason lots of them are addicted to  g*mbling today.
3. TV shows like Telemundo, BBN, etc.
4. Kidnapping or fraud. (Point a gun, carry victim, request for cash, get paid, and flex in a hotel with their newly bought tokunbo Mercedes Benz).
And many more easy things. Please, control how you waste your time and think (if you want to grow rich).

Being rich in Nigeria is easy because labor is cheap — just like India, The Philippines, Bangladesh, etc.
If you’re smart, being rich or wealthy in these overpopulated, yet poor countries, is easy. The poor need job to survive, so create that job with your smartness and enjoy the profit for the rest of your life.

For smart Nigerians, even when they are poor, they know they’re not poor — it’s just a matter of time. For the dumb ones, all they want is a job, salary, a wife they aren’t ready for, football, and nothing else.

Your job is to be wealthy so you can help others, not to get a job and stay stagnant, then end up dying with hypertension or depression because you weren’t paid for 5 months or going into crime to survive.
You deserve better, dear.

For you to get there, you must start thinking smartly and use your phone, laptop, and internet productively — instead of wasting it on streaming p*rn sites and arguing online. Yes, it’s hard to stop those, but it possible if you dedicate yourself to stoping them.

If you don’t listen to me now, you’ll listen to depression and frustration later — it’s a guarantee. So, be wise. I do not wish that for anyone.

The reason most men may not be wealthy is because they are afraid to invest in their fellow men, but invest on  a woman frivolities.

Sadly, a huge percentage of these men end up depressed when it’s dawn on them that they invested on the wrong product of the female gender.

Invest in your fellow man who will help you generate money, not in an unmarried woman who will help you waste money. Though, there is an exception.
The laptop I’m buying for the boy is an investment for myself and for him. I could easily give a hungry slay queen the 45k and she will meet other guys to add more money so she could buy an iPhone to compete with other slay queens online, but no, I invested it on a boy.

This simple thing I just did is the difference between those who will be rich or wealthy and those who will be poor or average.

A man with a poor or average mentality invests more in pleasure and applaud while a man with a rich or wealthy mentality invests more in human capacity development and self-development.

Secret Tip: Create wealth, don’t make money. Making money is slavery, but creating wealth is making money. This is to say, money should be your slave and not the other way round.

Thank you.

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