1985, I was 25 years old then, burning with vision and passion to serve God. The ministry, Mount Zion had just been birthed, very young, and had just began to hold prayer meetings. I had a small black and white television placed on the cupboard of my single room. And one night, I happened to watch an Indian Film on the television, a secular Indian movie that captivated me completely from beginning to the end. I was engulfed with the story and towards the end of the movie, I burst into tears, ran out of the room to the passage and began to cry aloud “Jesus! Use Me! Jesus! I want to make movies for you! Lay your hand on me and use me! Help me to make movies for you!” I couldn’t understand how I would watch a secular Indian movie and it would spark a revival in my spirit.

Ishawuru from the movie Agbara Nla (The Ultimate Power)

So my envy and jealousy to make movies for Jesus increased and got hotter. I was so envious and jealous for Jesus Christ to make Nigerian Christian movies available for us to watch. I became angry at the secular movies that were existing then. They were very few. Nollywood had not started then. But there were films of Hubert Ogunde like Aiye, Jayesinmi, Aropin-Nteniyan, Ayanmo and there were films of Moses Olaiya (Baba Sala) like Mosebolatan, Orun Mooru, Diamond, and the earlier movies from Ade Afolayan (ADE Love) like Taxi Driver, Iyaniwura, etc. The current Nollywood had not began then as we know it now.

Ishawuru from the movie Agbara Nla (The Ultimate Power)

In one of those days, I was burning with zeal in me to do films for Jesus Christ. I was angry at those secular movies and I was angry at the foreign Christian movies they show in churches and crusades that we would not hear what the oyinbos (the whites) were saying and the interpreters would be saying something else. Those were my anger, jealousy and envy in those days. I wanted Nigerian Christian movies for Jesus. So I went to watch Hubert Ogunde’s AIYE at Oduduwa Hall, University of Ife then. The movie finished around 11pm. I got out of the hall, and my heart was full of the thought of doing something for Jesus.

I was sad there was no single Nigerian Christian film that could preach on the power of Jesus Christ the way the movie AIYE had preached on the Powers of the witches and wizards. So I got out of the hall at 11pm and began to think on how I could do movies for Jesus that would counter what I had just seen in the theatre. I was thinking and walking back home and I trekked from Obafemi Awolowo University (then University of Ife) to urban day in Ile Ife in the city that would be several kilometers. I was engulfed in the thoughts of doing a counter movie and I trekked that long distance in the midnight back to my house alone. Few months later in 1986, in Ilesa, the same thing repeated itself. I had gone to watch Hubert Ogunde’s JAYESINMI a sequel to AIYE. The movie show held in Ilesa town hall at the center of the city called round roundabout. I was teaching then and the ministry had just began. The magnification of the powers and witches and wizards continued in an advanced stage. I shivered through out the film show. I was more sad and angry. I came out of the hall around 10.15pm and like a mad man began to walk home on feet from roundabout Ilesa to Oke-Omi iru. It is a lot of kilometers too.

Movie Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye

Along the way, I saw an open air crusade where the church was showing a foreign Christian movie to the people and the interpreter was talking along with the characters. I shook my head in more sadness. I wanted our own, I wanted Christian movies by us either in English or local language that the people would hear without an interpreter. I got back home and crumbled beside my bed in prayers to God to launch us out to do something for him. That was 1986. Seven years later, 1993, the Lord came out with AGBARA – NLA (Ultimate Power) that shook multitudes of people to their very foundation, as the telemovie series projected the Power and the Glory of Jesus Christ to high Heaven. DON’T LET YOUR VISIONS DIE AND DON’T DIE WITH YOUR VISIONS! Birth them and Nuture them – Evangelist Mike Bamiloye.


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