Prophet Isreal Oladele Ogundipe has constructed a Liberty Chapel at the KiriKiri correction center in Lagos where he’s currently serving a jail term after he was found guilty for defrauding a London based citizen.

Prophet Isreal Oladele is the presiding shepherd of Genesis Global, a fast growing celestial church across the globe. He is well known for his philanthropic acts both home and abroad.

He recently assisted in the release of 82 wrongly arrested inmates regain freedom. Despite his incarceration the prophet is determined to win souls for christ through ministrations, prophecies and assistance in the payment of legal fees for awaiting trail inmates who couldn’t afford it.

The photos of the newly established liberty chapel at KiriKiri correction center were made known to the public by the Genesis Global official page on Facebook.

Here are Photos Of The Liberty Chapel newly constructed by Prophet Isreal Oladele

The Godly act has since then gotten reactions online.



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