There was a time in my life that I couldn’t smile/laugh. It was absolutely forbidden to do so. I was not only a terror but also full of BITTERNESS. I was angry at everything & everyone. As in EVERYBODY! Just like the bleeding woman in the Bible, I’ve been moving around with blood. I’ve been F**king bleeding for years, mentally & spiritually. My mental & spiritual life were such a mess. A part of me knew I needed healing but I didn’t want to go through JESUS.

I was so afraid of what the man Jesus would do to me because He alone knows my track records. I was afraid of what people who knew me well would say. I was afraid of what my close friends & Associate would do. I refused reaching out to HIM even though I Knew He was right near me but rather hanged around for two years watching from distance.

Just at His own right time when it seems like some persons had given up on me & I had moved on from seeking healing, He showed up again but this time at a Bar. Strange you will say but yeah, at a bar lool… Fast forward, My healing process began… Ok let me stop here, but before I stop, I want to tell someone out there that there’s healing in Jesus. It doesn’t matter how deep the wounds are, it doesn’t matter how deep the mess are, it doesn’t matter how broken you are, there’s is healing in that name called Jesus. Try Dr. JESUS, He is here to heal you.

Healing is very Possible, Available & Free!!!


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