Embattled General overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries International (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman who currently is being dragged by a former Pastor in his ministry for alleged illicit affairs with his wife has come out to inform his congregation of the many travails and difficult situations pastors and other men of God go through almost on a daily basis.

Apostle Johnson Suleiman, General Overseer Omega Fire Ministries International

The 49-year old pastor made this known with a true life story of how a lady went to his father to declare her love for him and accused his wife (Lizzy) of occupying the space God initially provided for her. This declaration by the lady took his father by surprise and made him think they were familiar with each other or even dated before Pastor Suleman eventually got married to his present wife.

Pastor Suleman And His Wife Lizzy

After quizzing the hopeful lady, it came to be fore that she and Pastor Suleman had never met and that she developed such interest in him when she attended a program which he ministered in. According to him, while ministering, the lady continually assured herself that Pastor Suleman was her God-given husband and that the wife was occupying her ordained space in his life. 

Narrating further, Pastor Suleman, evidently surprised by this development, had to ask the lady to see him. Their meeting did not yield any fruitful outcome but he did note that she was not properly dressed. Thereafter, the lady started attending his church but he was smart to inform ushers and other workers to not allow the lady to come near him at any point in time. Enraged by the pastor’s avoidance and resolve to keep her away from him, she resulted to abuses and insults meted on him and his father. Thereafter, she left the Church. www.churchng.com

A year later, same woman resurfaced and this time around, she tried to entrap him with the sum of N3bn. He was invited to Abuja. At that time, there was church building project which needed money but he was wise enough to decipher the lady’s intentions. She declared that all she needed was a month relationship and the N3bn cash would be his. He needed money, but wisdom was highly essential. He now contemplated on receiving the cash gift without sinning. With this in his mind, he “negotiated” with the woman. 

But she was very smart. Eventually, it dawned on him that she was all out to have him at all cost. Even though the thought of having N3bn was very tough, he walked away leaving the woman and her billions behind knowing fully well that he could not have that amount without giving in to woman’s untoward request.

See the transcript of the full story in the screenshots shown below.

As a child of God, temptations would never cease as long as the person remained alive. Stories of how women were used to bring down highly placed men of God are all over the news. What Pastor Suleman has said is very apt and precise and it takes the grace of God to live afloat these temptations whilst doing the will of God.

Not new to controversies, Pastor Suleman is currently slugging it out with a Pastor Mike Davis, a former pastor with the Omega Fire Ministries. The story which hit the headlines early this year keeps turning in twists and discoveries with the police stepping in in one occasion. In 2017, it was Pastor Suleman and a Stephanie Otobo, based in Canada.

I hope this latest saga between him and the Pastor Davis would not ruin his Ministry.  

Credits: www.churchng.com


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