How I got the scripture for yesterday’s twitter scripture challenge – Riyadh

I woke up 2.50am from a scary dream. Just when I was trying to understand the dream, then the Holy Spirit said to me “this is the end time, the anti Christ is near. This is the second time you will be having this dream but now in another form”.

Immediately it clicked then I remembered I had once had this particular dream late last year though in another form. I didn’t know what to do or say next but I recorded it in my diary. Now it was already 3:00am, still didn’t know what to do.

So I thought to myself to finish up Apostle Joshua Selman’s message I was listening to before power went off 8.00pm earlier. Thank God there was power this time, I plunged in my ear piece to continue listening.

Thereafter I prayed and then it was already 4.00am. Okay so what should I do next? Go back to sleep or what?
I decided to check my phone for any unanswered DMs on WhatsApp, email, IG, FB and twitter.

I got on twitter and saw the scripture challenge trending. So I said to myself ” thank God something good is trending “. I was going to join the challenge immediately but just didn’t know which of the bible verse to quote.

There were lots of scriptures coming into my head that I got so confused on what scripture to post. My flesh said to me, “since you are awake, just kuku post lot and lots of scriptures lols.

Then I remembered I had not asked my sweet gentle friend. I call him “My Gentle Friend.” I said “My Gentle Friend (that’s the Holy Spirit) what would you have me post on this scripture challenge ?”

I waited for some minutes for response and when he finally spoke, he said “nothing, go and sleep by tomorrow morning you will know.” Tor Oga Gentle said I should go and sleep. It felt like an ‘Ela’ to me sha.

In as much as I really wanted to jump into the challenge as e dey hot, I had to do as Mr Gentle said. I should go and sleep. I kukuma switched off my phone and fiam I slept off.

In the morning, I prepared for service… In the middle of the service, my gentle friend said to me ” you will post it in yoruba”. I had even forgotten about the challenge and the zeal was gone too. I was like yoruba bawo? Yoruba on twitter?

I took my mind of it and continue to enjoy the service. Immediately after the service ended, as after saying the Grace, my gentle friend said to me

” emi o gbe oju mi si ori oke wonni, nibo ni iranlowo mi yio ti wa.
Iranlowo mi yio ti owo oluwa wa, ti o da orun on aiye.
On ki yio je ki ese re ki o ye, eni ti npa o mo ki yio togbe.
Eniti npa Israeli mo ki togbe be ni ki sun.
oluwa ni olupamo re oluwa ni ojiji re ni owo orun re.
Orun ki yio pa o nigba osan tabi osupa nigba oru.
Oluwa yio pa o mo kuro ninu ibi gbogbo, yio pa okan re mo.
Oluwa yio pa alo ati abo re mo lati igba yi lo ati titi lailai.

He said Psalm 121, post it.”

Scripturally and spiritually, I know the amount of power that this scripture carries but reason why it was chosen to be posted is what I do not understand but I believe it’s for some persons here and I will advice that you connect and declare it boldly upon your life, family and household.

May God’s help and protection come through for us in these time and season in Jesus name.

Scripturechallenge psalm 121.

God bless you.



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