Sunday Adelaja, who is the founder and senior pastor of The Embassy of God in Kyiv, Ukraine, reveals why he refused Pastor Eneche’s invitation to preach in his church on his YouTube channel.
Why is it that I refused to go to Paul Eneche church? I told him, you are not ready and before I come to your church. I want you to listen to 200 of my messages. That I will not go to his church and wont be ready and prepare. Because if you are not and I come, I will scatter the whole place and I don’t want to do that.
So that, you people will not come and say I come to destroy. He (Paul Eneche) used to call me every week, asking me to pray for him until I remove him. He is a good man but if he will not go through the process, and the discipline of training himself, submitting himself to learn. But he cannot, because he’s afraid of David Oyedepo. He doesn’t want to get him offended.
If you know, the same thing with many others like Sam Adeyemi, all of them. They don’t want to say, okay Pastor, we are running after you because we want to learn from you, but they are afraid of what their daddies will say, because the culture is such that, you have to be subserving, and this subserving culture cage them.
That is why I have great regard for what Omoyele Sowere is doing. He’s breaking the political culture. He’s authoring it. He’s not going to be knock down easily. He’s shaking and challenging such culture, politically. That’s exactly what I want to do in Nigeria.
And I heard they said, my books are not theological. Why should my book be theological. I want to alter the culture. That’s why they want me to write something theological, that doesn’t touch anybody. We shouldn’t touch them. We should just be theological, but I’m not interested in being theological. I want to turn the table that’s what I want to do.
People are saying I’m destroying the Church, and yet the same people uttering such statement, are enslave. They are enslave to religious dogma mixed with culture, myth and all of that. Most Nigeria big GO’s still have burden. I’ve met a lot of them, but the burden they have is subject to their understanding, and to the fivefold ministry, and their own understanding of fivefold ministry is that God has called them to do a ministry or church.
So, all their burden is to build their church and not change their nation. The other is that, the understanding they have about the Gospel of Salvation. So, they totally leave out the Gospel of the Kingdom. Since it is only the Gospel of Salvation that they know, and the only burden they have is only to get people save, bringing money to buy land for church building.
Source: Dr. Sunday Adelaja YouTube Channel



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