The conflict between Israel and Palestine has made most world leaders to react and call on both nations to ceasefire for the sake of their citizens who would definitely feel the heat of the conflict. The United Nations and other Human Rights Organization however blamed Israel for lunching attacks on Palestine which led to the death of several people as most of their airstrikes were misfired, landing and destroying residential homes in Palestine.

What The Israeli Military Personnel Said About Nigeria

Reacting to the comment made by the United Nations and other Human Rights Organizations, a military personnel in Israel said that the United Nations have paid deaf ears to the killings of Christians in Nigeria and instead of them to react, they are blaming Israel for protecting and defending themselves. The Israeli who operates a verified page on Facebook posts an image that had an estimate of the number of Christians who have lost their lives. According to International Christian Concern (ICC), 1,470 Christians have been killed in Nigeria within four months.

Several churches in the North have come under attack with some of them burnt down and worshippers of Yahweh killed during the attack. This has been like this for quite a number of years and I can recall vividly how Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s regime battled with suicide bombers who mount bombs on themselves and visit a church where the bomb detonates. It has been really a sad experience by Christians living in the North due to the fact that their lives are at risk whenever they come out to worship their God and Maker.

What Did Nigerians Say About What The Israeli Military Personnel Posted?

Some Nigerians who reacted to what he posted expressed sadness on UN’s silence of the killing of Christians in Nigeria. Some said that the continent, Africa has been neglected by UN as they often do not react to the killings in Nigeria.

Can we really say UN has forgotten about Nigeria as a country for allegedly not reacting to the killings in Nigeria.


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