Self proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, his wife Mary and co-denounced have been granted bail in the Pretoria judge’s court on Wednesday. 

Bushiri and wife

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary have been granted bail of R200 000 each with exacting conditions . 

As a feature of the bail condition Bushiri and his wife need to deliver their title deed for their property in Centurion as an assurance. 

They are additionally not permitted to offer any remarks in their faith churches about witnesses, the indictment group and those associated with the case. 

Bushiri and his wife are dealing with indictments of extortion, burglary and tax evasion. 

The other denounced in the issue Landiwe Ntlokwana got bail of R100 000, Mudolo Zethu was given bail of R20 000. 

The entirety of the denounced need to report at a close by police headquarters on Monday and Friday somewhere in the range of 6am and 6pm. 

Charged number four and five (the Bushiris) are banned from voyaging anyplace else in the republic of South Africa. They can just go inside Gauteng and North West area until the case is finished,” said judge Thandi Theledi. 

Several ministers and Shepherd Bushiri allies turned up at the Pretoria officer’s court to help their chief. Bushiri and his wife, Mary Bushiri have been accused of extortion, robbery and tax evasion.


A spiritual son of the Prophet by the name Chief Ambassador SonOfMajor1 ran an online campaign to call out the South African and Malawian government over the ill treatment of Prophet Bushiri, the campaign has so far gathered many reactions and support as the time of compiling this report.


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