Before you start checking when your Church was founded, you must know that 500 years ago, there were no different Christian denomination, before the year 1517, every Christian on earth was a Catholic until a division broke which was led by Martin Luther and saw the many Churches been created as a result of his break out. If it never happened, every Christian in the world today would have been a Catholic.

1) The Lutheran Church: this was the first Church to break from the Catholic Church in the year 1517, it was founded by Martin Luther in Germany.

2) Mennonite Church: the second to break were the Mennonites, it was founded by Grebel Mantz and Blaurock in 1525.

3) The third is Anglican Church: it was founded Henry XIII in the year 1534.

4) Presbyterian Church: John Knox in the year 1560 founded this Church.

5) Congregationalists: Robert Brown in the hear 1583 founded this Church in Holland.

6) Methodist Church: John Murray was the founder in the year 1770, he founded it in New Jersey.

7) Latter day saint: Joseph Smith in 1829, New York.

8) Seventh day Adventist: in the year 1831, it was founded by William Miller.

9) Salvation army: by William booth 1865.

10) Jehovah witness: Charles Russell in 1872.

Now let’s take a look at three Churches in Nigeria and when they were founded.

1) Redeemed Christian Church of God: it was found in 1952 by Josiah Akidayomin.

2) Deeper life: William Kumuyi in the year 1973 founded this Church.

3) Mountain of Fire: Dr Daniel Olukoya founded it in 1989.


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