I know this is the exact time of the year when a lot of us makes up our mind to serve God or to go to church especially those who thinks or feel they’ve been far away from Jah. This is the time of the year you hear things like ”it’s a new year, I want to serve God this year, oh I want to be close to God, I’ve not been to church in ages, I want start attending a local church around me” bla bla bla promises.

My candid advise to as many of you that are inside this boat is that, as you attend any place of worship this new year, please make sure that all you do is go to the church, listen to the sermon, say amen, share the grace and go to your house kowei.

Now, Try as much as possible to avoid making too many friends in church because 98% of this church friends are fake?
Ore won o denu rara rara rara

Try as much as possible not to go too close to the pastors no matter how big you think your problem is.
God is everywhere even in your living room and if you must see a pastor, say your prayers and go. Those wey dey always advise say make people no dey keep prophets as friends get why.
These people called pastors can pull you up from the ground and at the same time pull you down.
Avoid their manipulations this year.

Don’t go too deep or involve yourself too much in church activities.
Trust me you don’t want see the dirry church politics going on in the house of the Lord.

Ehhhhhh just stay far away from church brothers and sisters who are always eager to meet and welcome ‘church jambites’. All they know how to do best is to take you round the church, point at each other, tell you the history of the church and members, those who has come and gone, those who are good and not good at what they do, those who steals church funds, those who are rich or wretched, those who are proud, those dating themselves, those committing immoralities among many other dirty secrets.
Believe me, you really do not want to have a mental breakdown after hearing who is fucking who in the house of the Lord…

Don’t forget to always guard your heart, eyes and ears at all time as you make up your mind to attend church this year. Trust me you don’t want to know, see or hear far more than you can handle.
The truth is eh, the church can be way too toxic more than you can ever imagine. Please protect your mental health.

And those of you looking for the perfect church to join this year 2021 just forget it!
I say forget it mehn!!! There is nothing like ‘Perfect Church’.
All the churches in Nigeria are the same. The only difference be say some dey use jazz while some no dey use jazz but for human attitude and character, same noni. They are not angels but humans… So remove the word perfection when looking for a church to join this year. No perfect church out there.

Thank God for church online, if you can’t handle all of these mentioned, join any of the church online and build a relationship with God.


Just the summary of my own personal experience year 2020, don’t fall a victim.

I come in peace.


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