So it all began on the 18th of December 2020, being last week Friday. I was browsing the net on instagram and I saw a lady’s post, Favensecret, I saw a shower cap, kids shower cap and I said to my self wow, I need to get this for my kids. There is always this difficulty washing their hair and the shower cap is specifically for washing children’s hair. Immediately I responded and commented on the post showing interest and she responded by saying DM.
Because I needed this cap and wanted to add it to my kids gift box for Christmas, so I went to her Dm and told her I wanted three of the caps, as shown in the screenshot.

Even before making payment, I asked her if I pay now, that’s being Friday 18th December, I asked her when will I get my order if I pay now, being Saturday. Before then, I have met couple of others, since I have been shopping Christmas gifts for Children and I really wanted every of my gift to come in between Monday and Tuesday because these kids are traveling and I wanted to give them their gift not later than Wednesday, even as I speak now, I can’t deliver these gifts today as I planned because of what this emmm, I don’t know what to call her, because I am trying as much as possible not to be angry at these person, this lady Favensecret. I can’t even deliver my gifts to these kids today, so I have to postpone it till tomorrow because of her stupid, nasty attitude towards me.

I asked her on Saturday, when am I getting these caps if I pay now, because I want to give them out on Tuesday, Wednesday and she told me I am going to get my orders on or before Tuesday and I was like good. Immediately I sent this N6,000 to her, every other online vendor I placed order with also told me Monday or Tuesday. And there was constant communication between me and other vendors. But this particular lady, Favensecret, despite paying on Saturday, on Monday I sent her messages but got no response. Same thing in Tuesday. I called her on phone but the phone was always busy whenever I dailed her number. Sent her messages on IG, she reads them but won’t respond.

I became worried and I sent her another message, telling her if I don’t get my order, I will her out publicly and call her a scam. To my surprise, immediately I sent the message to this lady, she replied me, laughing and making jest of me, telling me because of shower cap, that how much did I send to her, that is it because of N6,000 that I am threatening her and she was like she would refund my money. I told her it’s my sweat and if it’s just N10 I will still call her out.

“Oju a turari”, I will keep her messages and voice notes for her. Though she blocked me on WhatsApp and IG, “I just dey laugh where I dey”, She even told me probably this is my first time of ordering online. Laughs!

What I think is, I outsmarted her and she got angry, I don’t think she had the intention of delivering my goods.

You guys should all be careful out there, there are lot of scammers online posing to be sellers. Be careful! Thank you.



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