Dear Evangelist Victor Edet,
In response to your post, in which you said;

“If You’re Still Wearing Trouser, Tights & Leggings, Your Chance’s Of Getting To Heaven Is Zero” – Nigerian Evangelist Tells Ladies

Let me quote from the popular bible verse Deuteronomy 22:5 which says a woman should not wear what pertains to man neither should a man wear what pertains to a woman.
Whosoever does it is an abomination to the Lord.

What God is saying is that if you are a woman, be feminine in your dressing and if you are a man, be masculine in your dressing. God placed that LAW because of the madness that is on the earth. Before the set of bobrisky and co, gender confusion has been existing, the world moves in circle.

Now the reason why most African churches were against women wearing trousers was because of the African culture, women don’t wear trousers in Africa so they were brought up to attack any woman wearing trouser as it is seen as the westernized culture.

We have our own ways of dressing in Africa. The thing now is, we are dealing with a global world and righteousness is righteousness in Africa, in America, in Europe, in Asia, in the moon, in heaven and on earth no matter the skin color or geographical location. It’s the same judgement.

The issue shouldn’t be about a woman wearing trouser but modesty. In Scotland, men wear skirt, that’s their culture. If the queen of England is to wear trouser, of course she won’t wear a pencil trouser or trousers that will reaveal the shape of her butts, figures and vaginal. She will wear a decent, modest trouser. The same thing goes with women that represent nations at the United Nation, you will never find them wear camel toes and all kinds. They are all modestly dressed even in trousers.

So as a Christian lady, if you must buy jean trouser or any kind of trousers at all, buy the trousers that covers well not the one that will advertise your butts and all to the world. Buy the one that will bring you honor, dignity and glory.

I say again, it is not about trouser or whatever we wear but modesty. That is what God wants.

Evangelist Shile


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