The news of a student of Deeper Life High School being Allegedly maltreated by both students and teachers of the school, has spread like wide fire all over social media after the mother of the boy, Mrs. Deborah Okezie made a live video revealing everything that happened.

The Allegedly maltreated young boy

In summary, Mrs. Okezie told those who viewed her video how she got back her son from school and he wasn’t looking good. He looked like a “Skeleton” in her own words and he kept vomiting greenish things and couldn’t even stool.

She called out the principal of the school who identifies as Ndidi Solomon for her negligence to all that happened. According to her, how can a woman appointed to take care of the school not be aware of how the students are being taken care of, a woman for that matter.

Mrs Deborah Okezie, mother of the boy

Ndidi Solomon, Principal of Deeper Life High School

Mrs. Okezie expressed her disappointment in the principal and she was further disappointed and annoyed at her attempt to conceal everything that happened by asking that the case not be made public.

She called out the school principal again in her second live video where she kept us updated on how things were going. She told us how the principal removed her from the whatsapp group, the school created for parents after she went public with the case and went ahead to call everything a lie and an attempt to Blackmail the school.

See more photos of the principal

Here are the links to Mrs Okezie’s first and second live videos where the principal of DLHS was called out by her


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