While it is sometimes the norm in most Nigerian families for siblings to support anyone within the family who heeds the call of God on their life and decide to open their ministry, there have been a few cases where siblings of the same family feel the need to run their own individual churches for reasons best known to them. Here are a few notable ministers of the gospel with siblings who chose to tow their own path in ministry.

Pastor Joshua Iginla: Pastor Joshua Iginla is the founder and leader of Champions Royal Assembly, headquartered in Abuja and was recently in the news for divorcing his wife of about 10 years, Yemisi, over infidelity. Both his ex-wife and himself have moved on and remarried. Unknown to many, Pastor Iginla has a younger brother, Pastor Precious Iginla, who was formerly a Pastor in his older brother’s ministry. However, according to him, he was forced to leave his brother’s church to set up Precious Iginla Outreach Ministry due to a messy feud between him and his older brother, orchestrated by his brother’s ex-wife, Yemisi. 

Pastor Joshua and Pastor Precious Iginla

Bishop David Oyedepo: While the revered Bishop runs the mega Living Faith Church Worldwide otherwise known as Winners Chapel, not many are aware that he has a younger brother, his half-brother precisely, who is also a minister of the gospel. He is Pastor Gideon Oyekunle Oyedepo and he is the founder of The Cherubim and Seraphim Bible Minsitry, a church he has been pastoring for over 20 years. Even though he says his call is divine, he however acknowledges the fact that God’s hand on his older brother had a great inference on him and considers the Bishop a positive influence on him.

Pastor Gideon Oyekunle Oyedepo and Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepohttps://res-odx.op-

Rev George Adegboye: Unknown to many, Rev George Adegboye, the founder of Rhema Chapel, headquartered in Ilorin, Kwara State has an older brother who is a clergy man. He is Pastor Alex Adegboye and he is the founder of The Stone Church with several branches within and outside Nigeria.

Rev George Adegboye and Pastor Alex Adegboye

Pastor Paul Adefarasin: Even though Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s two siblings are also clergy men, Pastor Paul as he is fondly called is the most popular of the three. While Pastor Paul runs House on the Rock Church, Lagos, his older brother, Wale Adefarasin who is a bit popular as well, is the founder andGeneral Overseer of Guiding Light Assembly, Ikoyi, Lagos. The third sibling, Apostle Yemi Michael Adefarasin who isn’t quite as popular as his other two siblings, is a pastor at the Kingdom Lifeline Apostolic Ministries, Abuja. Before moving to Abuja, Apostle Yemi was for many years the senior pastor of Action Worship Center in Benin Republic.

Pastor Wale Adefarasin, Apostle Yemi Adefarasin and Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Rev. Sam Adeyemi: While Pastor Sam Adeyemi is well known and runs a successful ministry, DayStar Christian Centre, in Lagos, his younger brother, Rev. Victor Adeyemi who isn’t as popular as him runs his own ministry, Global Harvest Church located headquartered at Ibadan. What is most interesting about the brothers is that they both got into ministry at about the same time under the spiritual leadership of Rev. George Adegboye of Rhema Chapel, Kwara State. They would later leave to set up their individual ministries.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Rev Victor Adeyemi



  1. I really apc8 d research done on these men of God.. Its a guiding fact for those who thinks and feel u can run d race of life independently and separately.. Many hv lost money,their lives n assets trying to work according to blood pattern… Every man for himself… Tanks


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