It’s no news that men working in the vineyard of the lord are some of the most influential and richest people in the world especially in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Being a pastor in a country like Nigeria, to some is a gateway to affluence.

So if you think you have a push to minister, then the time is now because people not only adore these men of God but also show them respect and not forgetting the amount of money they get almost on daily basis from different sources.

In a country where people always seek to hear prophecies and proclamations, testimonies and supernatural miracles, churches flourish a lot.

You don’t need to go into much training to be a pastor just be determine and be patient and preach the kind of gospel your congregation loves to hear and you are on your way to financial freedom.

You can create a niche for yourself in this religion boom in the country and also your financial freedom is assured once you get it right.

Below are pictures that shows that being a church minister and pastor is very profitable

Pastor Biodun fatonyibo

Pastor alph lukau

Apostle Johnson Suleman

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Pastor Iginla

Pastor Paul Enenche

Pastor Chris Okotie

Pastor Kumunyi.

Bishop Oyedepo

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