Wonders they say shall never cease to happen,at a time when countless numbers of pastors are littered across the country performing all sort of miracles,it is very important as a believer to be very careful before allowing someone who calls himself a man of God to lay hands on your head,the General Overseer of God Of Light Anointing Ministry Bishop Elijah Chukwuemeka popularly referred to as Big Daddy by his members Was Caught Around 5pm yesterday performing rituals in his church with female undies,human parts and other charms

The church which is located in Nsogwu in Umunze in Anambra state and popularly referred to as Solution ground have witnessed increase in numbers of members in recent months,owing to the fact that the said bishop can see visions and narrate the entire life experience of any member without even knowing the member at all,the popular one he normally do is that he will be quoting the phone numbers of members at random,after which he will ask Have we met before?the person will reply no,then the gullible members will begin to chant words like Daddy prophesy,ride on sir,oracle of God please speak

Back to the story,the said Bishop was in his church performing the sacrifice when one of the village youths saw him and alerted the rest of the youths who angrily went to his church to drag him out in shame,indeed there is a saying that Who the gods want to kill,they first make mad,I guess the bishop did not have the feeling that anyone might have caught him performing those ritual,the youth of Umunze would have resorted to jungle justice by setting the man ablaze but it took the intervention of prominent men in the community who succeeded in whisking him away to the palace of their traditional ruler called Igwe.

What is even more surprising is the fact that this coming Sunday happens to be the harvest and thanksgiving service of this said bishop,the angry mob whose anger have reached boiling point angrily went to the church venue to bring down the banner of invitation as seen in the picture below

Popular Igbo Bu Igbo page shared the story on Facebook and the reactions from users shows that people are not happy with the current trend,it is quite appalling that the numbers of fake pastors is on the rise,although the bible mentioned that they will be everywhere on the last day,all believers need to do us to open their eyes to dish out these bad eggs in our midst,see people reactions towards the story

As one face user rightly pointed out,to open a ministry is not by force,most of these pastors you see nowadays are fake,it is either they are there for the money,or they are after spiritual powers to deceive our mothers who normally fall prey to their antics,may God open our eyes to differentiate between a genuine man of God and the end time pastors


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