A church in Zimbabwe called the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) is reportedly divided following the wedding of a Pastor and his secretary, four months after the death of his wife, H-Metro is reporting.

According to the publication, Reverend Amon Chinyemba married his secretary, Nyaradzo Chibhememe last weekend, in Hatfield.

Mixed reactions trailed the wedding as guest pondered on why the cleric quickly remarried after the death of his wife, Siphiwe Chinyemba.

While there are speculations that the two were romantically involved before the death of Mrs Siphiwe in August, others said the Reverend got married so quickly because he needed a wife to be eligible to challenge for AFM presidency next year.

However, Reverend Peter Kefias, spokesperson for the Reverend Chiangwa led AFM debunked the claim, insisting that there was nothing immoral about the wedding because the cleric had followed all cultural and traditional protocols following the death of his wife.

He said;

“Rev Chinyemba had no pressure to marry his new wife Nyaradzo Chibhememe who has been widowed for the past 20 years.

“The two fell into a relationship for one and half months before tying the knot and his three daughters-Prudence, Patience and Precious-are grown-ups and married.”

Kefias also revealed that Chinyemba had tried to wed a widow from another Pentecostal church ZAOGA but turned to his secretary after the marriage plans with the widow didn’t work out.

The spokesperson added;

“Rev Chinyemba’s marriage was not a secret and at one time he met Dr Ezekiel Guti with the intention to be allowed to marry one of the ZAOGA widows, but it was not God’s will.

“He saw it best to take his secretary as his wife since she has been widowed for some years and he took AFM Council co-workers as part of his bridal crew.

“Those who are making noise about this wedding could of the other faction as you know that the AFM split is still pending before the courts of law.

“We would like to suggest that church politics is at play here and might be the other faction members who are up to tarnish Rev Chinyemba’s name.”


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