Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church has revealed the reasons why Christians and believers must pray in silence and not loudly, as most Christians do nowadays.

They are Christians who do not know how to pray in silence. They only know how to shout and disturb the peace of everyone around them during prayers. But Pope Francis has warned that there is a need for Christians to master the art of silent prayer.

Apart from the fact that loud prayers may cause a nuisance to your neighbours and those praying around you, it may not be the ideal mode of prayer as even Jesus Christ cautioned against it. It is what the Pharisees did.

In fact, in most of the occasions where Jesus Christ prayed in the Bible, he did not shout and cause disturbance. When he prayed in the garden moments before he was betrayed, it was almost in silence.

Accordingly, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church who is often seen as the head of the universal church has warned that praying silently also has its good effects and Christians should learn to pray in silence.

Pope Francis said that it is through recollection and silent prayer that hope is given to us. And this hopes illuminates the challenges we face in our daily lives.

Thus, in order to God, whom the Pope referred to as the Father of tender love, there is need to imbibe the attitude of praying silently.

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