The issue of tithing has become a topic for debate amongst so many Christians, as many prominent people have kicked against the idea stating that it is not statutory to pay it, while many other men of God has tried to validate the relevance of tithing in christianity.

Reno Omokri, a Lawyer, Author, activist and social media influencer has decided to voice his opinion on the issue of tithing. In a tweet, he stated that tithing has no place in christianity.

The author likened it to politics, he stated that people are attracted to politics because of the money in it, so also is the way people are attracted to owning a ministry because of the tithe they will be receiving from members.

In his words,

“Just as money attracts people to politics, so do tithes attract people to ministry. Remove money and most persons will shun politics. Remove tithe and most persons will shun ministry. Their calling will enter voicemail. Tithes has no place in Christianity”.

What are your thoughts about his claims?



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