Though physically restricted to the KIrikiri Correctional Service Center, the love of God in his heart and the word of God in his mouth are unhindered. For a man who believes in living in the present, his focus is on how to seize the moment. Luckily, Inmates at the facility could be said to be an independent congregation, yet they have provided unsolicited pulpit for Prophet Ogundipe to preach his powerful messages.

It is amazing to know that in the last two months, a considerable number of inmates had attended two Christian revivals organized by Prophet Israel Ogundipe. According to information gathered, these revivals had over 600 inmates in attendance.

Like the apostle Paul in the Bible and John Bunyan the famous author of the classic- Pilgrim’s Progress, Prophet Israel is turning captivity into opportunity. His undying love to continue witnessing for Christ even in incarceration is providing an example and encouragement to many. As at the time of writing this report, 79 inmates have regained their freedom from prison through prayers and supports from this amiable man of God. Few days ago, one of the inmates was booked for a major surgery , but there was no money to do it.A sum of 500,000 naira needed was provided by Prophet Ogundipe’s Genesis Global parish.

Arguably, many people believe that his incarceration was maliciously orchestrated, but he has remained graceful and forgiving. As a matter of fact, two inmates at the facility confessed that they were paid by yet to be disclosed persons outside the prison to provide pictures of Prophet Israel Ogundipe. Thankfully, the matter is currently being investigated.



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