Year 2020 has really been a rough year for lot’s of people especially me. I went through lots of disappointment, pains, bitter struggles, broken promises, emotional pains, depression and worst of all was when I completely had mental break down some months back.

It was really tough, my close pals know what I’m talking about. I was comforted with the word “it’s gonna be good”. In the heat of it all, I would say to my friends it’s gonna be good (olorun a seyi to da).

It’s Thanksgiving today at almost all the churches in Nigeria, and I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving Sunday to all my FAMs.

I am thankful to God for protection, for sound health, for my kids, for life, for my friends & relations, for the little I have and even the ones I do not have yet because I know deeply that I am ending year 2020 with a BIG WIN!

I still have many people around and even in my DMs who do not see any reasons to be thankful, sincerely I was once in that train but come on, we are alive!

Na who dey alive fit do many many things ooo.
Let’s thank the God of Universe and have plenty fun today.

Remember, the Glory of the latter is greater than the former. WE GO WIN LASLAS.

Happy Thanksgiving My dear FAMs.



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