There are lots of churches today; how can one tell which is really genuine? is one of the honest concerns many have when trying to distinguish between fake pastors and true men of God. Well, Churchng has outlined some pointers to know a true man of God. 

1. A true man of God always draws people to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and to the Word, not to himself or to some other gods. He is focused on leading people to Christ and help them grow spiritually.

2. He walks in love. A true man of God is full of love for his/her followers. He is dedicated to taking care of his followers both spiritually, materially and financially. He is interested in their problems and challenges and help them go through them.

3. There must be a consistency of the Word of God in his mouth. A true man of God doesn’t falter on the Word of God. He sticks to the Word, consistently maintaining and upholding the integrity of the Word. He proves the Word, first in his own life. He teaches the Word and not his experiences. 

4. Another distinctive factor of a true man of God is that the things he/she says come to pass. Now, that’s a little tricky, because sometimes, you could have a true prophet, pastor, or evangelist make a mistake and say the wrong thing. Such a mistake could arise from his over enthusiasm or expectations of those around him or even because he’s not paying attention to the Holy Spirit. This, however, doesn’t make him a false prophet. 

5. A true man of God is not after material things. He/she does not put material things ahead of spiritual things. A true man of God is not money money conscious. He does not task his members beyond their abilities.

6. Finally, it’s important for you to know the Word of God for yourself. Part of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in your life is to teach you the Word of God. Rely on Him and you’ll never be deceived by all these fake pastors parading themselves all over the place.

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Courtesy: Churchng Team


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