The founder of the koinonia ministry located at Zaria, Apostle Joshua Selman has revealed his inspiring encounter with a woman. According to him, the woman gave him several calls, but because he was in a conference, he couldn’t pick up. When he was finally free to pick up the call, he saw lots of messages from the same woman. She hurled insults at him and called him all sorts of names. Instead of yelling back at her as a normal human being would react, he displayed the attributes of love and this made the woman to apologise to him later.

Narrating this during one of his sermons he said:

“One day, I return home very tired from a conference and I saw over 200 text messages and I was wondering where i should start from or which one I should read first. Eventually, I saw a particular number that gave me almost 70 or 80 missed calls. Then, I also saw some text messages from the same person. In all the text messages, she hurled insults at me and called me all sorts of names. She said I claim to be a man of God, an apostle, yet I cannot pick an ordinary call. If her relatives die, I should know that I’m the one that killed them.

Ordinarily, this was supposed to make me furious. There are two things I could have done when I saw those messages. One is to call her back and begin to rain curses on her, the second is to have compassion and put myself in her shoes, because the person in question might have been responding to pressure. However, I called the woman and she was shouting at me, and crying. She said her relative was at the point of death and she needed my prayers. I apologised and told her the reason why I couldn’t pick up.

Eventually, the sick person passed on and I called her to sympathise with her. Then, I gave her some money and prayed for her. After sometime, she sent me another bulk of messages, apologising to me for her actions and the insults she threw at me. Can you see now? Because of my actions, I won her over through love. Love is powerful. Many times when you are showing love, you will feel like a fool and you will feel cheated, but continue, you will definitely reap the fruits of the love you sow.”

He ended by admonishing everyone to love unconditionally, even when it is not convenient. Love conquers all.


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