Self-proclaimed prophet Shephard Bushiri has caused a commotion in South Africa after women from his church came forward to expose his evil deeds.

The controversial prophet has been involved in so many scandals but this time it’s serious as women from his church accused him of raping them. The women narrated a similar story of how he lures them to hotel rooms for one on one prayers and then rapes them.

The woman alleges that he somehow brainwashes them with his superpowers that they get confused and come to their senses later after he raped them. They said he offered them money to keep their mouth shut and never tell anyone what happened in those hotel rooms.

The women have since stopped attending his church and they have come forward so that he would be exposed and they want to see justice. The police are investigating the matter.

Bushiri has responded to these allegations and said that the women are a group of syndicates trying to extort some money from him. He said he will sue them heavily for trying to tarnish his image. He said police and journalists are also involved in this extortion conspiracy.



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