Wonder shall never end as man is seen washing himself in water and thereafter giving his gullible followers to drink for deliverance and blessings.

In the viral video, we can see a pastor bathing in church and serving his church members his bath water to drink. Churchng gathered info that this church is located in Ghana.

The Ghanaian pastor was spotted in his boxers taking a dip in a barrel filled with water in the church. However shortly after speaking to his church members, they were spotted lining up to drink from a cup filled with his bath water. 

Local news platforms reported that the Pastor told his members that God instructed him to pull off the act. According to him, anyone who drinks from his bath water will get more blessings.

 The name of the church was given as ‘Endtime Church Of Nation’. 

Here is the video below; 

What is your take on this?



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