The Christians living inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia do so under a staunch Islamic regime. All of the outward displays of the Christian faith have been forbidden anywhere in the Kingdom and the Christians also have to be completely aware of the rules and regulations of the Sharia Law, which is the set justice system for Saudi Arabia.

None of the natives in the Kingdom are Christians and the Christian community is limited to the expatriate community residing in Saudi Arabia.

1. The Christian population in Saudi Arabia

There are around 1.2 million Christians currently residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which makes up around 4.4 percent of the total population in the Kingdom.

2. The first church in Saudi Arabia

Najran, which is located on the southern tip of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was, in fact, the first every Christian city in the entire region. Hanyan or Hannan had converted his family to the Christian faith and had founded the first church in the city during the earlier part of the fifth century.

3. Christian

In the year 520 A.D. the King of the Himyarites, King Yusuf desired to convert the entire region to the religion of Judaism and laid siege.

When the siege ended, the forces of King Yusuf had murdered all the Christians in the city who had refused to convert their religion. In entirety 200 Christians were killed for not giving up their faith.

4. The oldest Christian church

The oldest Church standing in the entire world is currently located in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. The Church is thought to be dating back to the fourth century. The ruin has been partially excavated and is also protected by the Antiquities Department of Saudi Arabia.

5.Christian safety in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is according to reports is one of the safest countries in the world to live as a Christian.

6. No active church

There are no operational or functioning churches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Christians to go and worship. Publicly practicing any other religion except Islam in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is prohibited. This law has been strictly enforced and has been used in recent court cases.

7.The celebration of Christmas

The Saudi Christians can only celebrate the religious occasions of Easter and Christmas; however, they must do so in the privacy of their own homes.

8.No Saudi Christian

Officially all the Christians in Saudi Arabia are foreign expatriates or workers since Christianity or any other religion other than Islam has been prohibited to be followed by the Saudi Nationals.

9. Christian symbols are banned

All the outward displays of Christian celebration or the Christian religious symbols have been banned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recommend: List of Prohibited Items not to bring in Saudi Arabia

10.The preaching of other religions are banned

Preaching to the non-Christians or attempting to convert any of the Muslims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Christian faith can and will be severely punished under the Sharia Law which is practiced and implemented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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