When the Stingy men and women trend started, I wanted to join but the Holy Spirit asked me “Can a Believer be Stingy?”

After the Holy Spirit asked me “Can a Believer be Stingy?” Immediately scriptures began to pop up right before my eyes.

In the end, I found out clearly that you are only attracting Lack to yourself by calling yourself Stingy because you will only have what you say!
The Stingy men trend awoke the poverty mentality of many young people. Hear me, A man that doesn’t give doesn’t deserve to receive!

A believer doesn’t have to join a Stingy men or women whatever to be able to curb excessive spending. The Book of proverbs can teach you that if you are serious!

The Holy Spirit told me, “You attract Lack to yourself by claiming Stingy”

A Believer doesn’t have any business with carrying women in the first place talk less of Spending carelessly on them. Stop deceiving yourself. If you are Stingy, you haven’t learned Christ!

I can’t imagine a football club bearing the name “Winners TENNIS CLUB”… and then now try convincing the public the they are not actually a Tennis club, they are a football club just that they want to look different. That’s insanity!

Stingy means Stingy and my Bible already has a Verdict for the Stingy. Anyone that believes that same Bible must be careful with the use of that word. Simple!

Courtesy: The Priesthood Channel


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