I was just about reading my bible now when I was being reminded again of the reasons why lots of prayers are not usually answered. So I’m pressed to share as the spirit leads…

Lot’s of time we Pray but don’t believe that it will come and that’s why it doesn’t come. Sometimes we just pray for praying sake like let them not say I didn’t pray that’s why it’s this or that or they said we should pray so I’ve prayed, prayers not taken serious and mostly mixed with doubts or fear of not being answered.

When you make request from God, believe that you will get it without doubt in your heart, you will get it.

I remember some days ago maybe last week I can’t remember. Before then couple of weeks I’ve been asking God for a particular thing. So I’ve been praying and then the devil keeps bringing fear to me and each time I’m about to doubt or shake, the Holy Spirit reminds me in a still voice “don’t doubt, but believe that it is done and you will get it” then I quickly snap out from fear and say thank you Jesus for it is done.

I’m yet to see the rain nor the cloud but one thing I know for sure is that there shall be increase and harvest for me this year 2021 and the exact month as the Holy Spirit said to me is April. Yes April, there’s going to be rain!

So once again, I admonish every one of us to never entertain doubt when we pray but rather believe that it’s been answered and we will receive that which has been asked soon.

God Bless You.


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