BIBLE READING: ROM. 6:1-18; 1COR.6: 8-11; HEBREWS 12:1

We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. 1 John 5:18(KJV).

Another reason why a believer will find himself in Hell is sin. Sin will not allow you to be raptured, or to get into Heaven. Unconfessed sin will take you to Hell. Beyond unconfessed sin, our key text says, if we are born of God, then we do not sin. While this does not mean that a believer cannot ever fall into sin, it means that a person who is born again does not make a practice of sin.

If you are truly born again and the Holy Spirit guides you, once you commit a sin, He will convict you and bring it to your consciousness that you have erred and need to seek forgiveness. It is not a comfortable feeling to fall into sin and anyone born of God would do anything to come out of that position and not be there again. However, believers who think that because they are covered by grace they can do anything and it will not affect them or their spirit, will find that they have bought into a lie; they will blow the gates of hell wide open.

Sin opens us up to the enemy and hardens our hearts. It cuts us off from the Holy Spirit and destroys our fellowship with the Father. Paul said, anyone who says he is a believer, and still indulges consistently in sin, should be avoided. He also said that we should not eat with them (1 Cor.5:11).

If there is any sin in your life, confess it, repent of it and do a 180 degree turn. Ask the Holy Spirit to break the power of sin over your life and help you to develop the fruit of the Spirit as you read and meditate on the Word. Find an authority figure to be accountable to (James 5:16). Stay away from environments that trigger the desire for any besetting sin and live in righteousness.

As we anticipate the return of Christ, we have been called to a life of Holiness, purity and consecration. Abide in His presence, stay away from sin and remain rapturable.

Father, I am sorry for indulging in sin and taking Your grace for granted. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I confess every sin, I ask for mercy and I repent. I ask that You help me to live in righteousness and holiness. Holy Spirit, help me live a victorious Christian life, in Jesus name. Amen.


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