Christianity makes me sick. I’ve some ladies i met at a fellowship when i lived at Onike. Any man that approached them who isn’t a member of MFM, they turned down the proposal. Why must a church ask its ladies to marry either a member or bring their future spouse to join their church?

There was a time when people went to church/mosque or asalatu, heard the truth & wept over their sins. Today, reverse is the case; people go to house of worship, hear a motivational speech & ignore their sin.

The bible especially is no longer preached. It has been replaced by Speech Notes. When you listen to some pastor twist Bible passages to suit motivating speech, you’ll marvel & wonder if the Apostles that wrote the bible had any understanding. It’s sad. So sad.

Even the way in which the Muslim clerics abuse, insult, condemn and badmouth other religion is sickening. Must everyone serve your god? Must everyone have same belief as you? Must everyone practice what you preach? Let’s stop the hate. I heard an audio message of some Islamic Sheikh, oh my gosh, he had so much hate against the other religions. Where is it written in the Quran that it’s only a Moslem that will make it in life or is entitle to live long? I see such as rants of an hungry man. Iponju lo ma n mu eniyan shi wi!

This is one of the reasons why I don’t believe in Religion anymore. I know there’s God. I revered Him. I pray to Him and He listens. Yes, I know there’s a supreme being & i equally have so much faith in the Holy Trinity. But, Religion, No!

Call me names, it’s no issue anymore. We fight ourselves over trivial things. We’ve so many older single ladies who are ardent church/mosque goers, it’s not their choice to remain single, but because of a religion they belong which doesn’t allow them marry anyone not of same faith as them.

Many things happening in the world today, most are caused by religion. Muslims fighting Christians. Muslim Missioners preaching against Christianity. A lady once said a Alfa that smokes, drinks & womanise is better than a Christian. Is this the kind of teachings the clerics give to their members?

Some parents won’t allow their kids marry outside their faith. I’ve come across men who claimed they can’t marry a lady who’s not of same faith. It still doesn’t add up. Why curse out one another on religion grounds? The white men gave us religion and took our common sense away. It’s a pity.

So, tell me why i should be a Christian or Moslem with all the hate in the world today caused by religion? Must i even be a member of any before been call a lover of God? Is there nothing like, Olajumoke believes in God, serves & worship Him wholly without having to claim a religion?

The World Need Salvaging. We’re in perilous times!


  1. How does this narrative address the issue of unequal yoke in marriage? Should I then marry from the other religion simply because of justifying religion tolerance? This script doesn’t really add up from my viewpoint.

  2. It is very pathetic….. People are more concerned abt bringing in members rather than marrying the one dt is for u… All in the name of my church member


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