You can’t insult my father when am alive. Tell Daddy Freeze, the day he insult Bishop David Oyedepo again, if i dont finish him.

Does Daddy Freeze has a father? That halfcast who is born by a Somalian. The day he talk about Oyedepo again, I will deal with him.

I curse the day he was born.

I can’t be alive and you insult my father, I will tear you to pieces. You who don’t have father is insulting fathers. You can never insult a father if you have a father.

A man who has no wife. He can’t manage his home and he’s coming to talk on television. Is it not his wife who left him..

Next one, I will charge him to court, I will follow him with law and I will follow spiritually, i will fight him till he cries. I will fight him to a point when he will say, “what kind of trouble is this”

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