Recall, everything started after Bishop David Oyedepo made it clear days ago that a woman should be submissive to her husband. The words didn’t go down well with Daddy freeze who later reacted and said that Submission goes both ways in a marriage.

This caused alot of argument on the internet, some people took sides with Daddy Freeze, and some took sides with Bishop David Oyedepo.

Lately, Bishop Ibiyeome openly said some things against Daddy Freeze, he openly called him a Bastard for talking against Bishop David Oyedepo and given people the platform to laugh at the man of God.

This issue has drawn the attention of Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche.

According to the video, pastor Paul Enenche said he recieved a call from someone abroad who asked about the video of pastor Ibiyeome calling Daddy Freeze a Bastard.

Pastor Paul Enenche then said “If Daddy Freeze isn’t a Bastard, he wouldn’t have attacked men of God who have worked all their lives to build the kingdom of God all because he needs people’s attention”.

According to the video, Pastor Eneche described Freeze as a mad dog that would amount to nothing.

Quoting scriptures to justify his use of words as to describing Freeze as a mad Dog,he said Jesus also used hard words on Herod. He said Jesus called Herod a wild fox.

The Abuja-based Dunamis Ministry pastor who is a medical doctor by profession rained heavily on Daddy Freeze and also schooled him in the process.

The pastor expresses his disbelief when his attention was called to video of Freeze attacking and making fun of Bishop Oyedepo,calling the man of called a bald head.

The pastor who was full of fury did not mince words as he went as far as describing the on air personality with Different kinds of words one could only imagine.

Pastor Paul Enenche also called Daddy Freeze a Jobless man seeking cheap attention, and he had no right to talk about marriage because he couldn’t keep his own together. He said Daddy Freeze is already cursed and he’s leading people astray.

Pastor Paul Enenche said he and his followers should repent so the wrath of God won’t fall on them.

Pastor eneche schools and curses freeze

What do you think of the whole thing?

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