My name is Johnson Suleman, I speak about issues that people pretend about. We pretend and we stay in bondage. Let’s address the issue but let’s come out with the truth. You entered a marriage with somebody who you discovered told you a destiny lie. A lady had no womb and she hide it from you. A man was impotent and he hide it from you. Now you are married and you found out he’s impotent. I’m saying he told you before marriage and both of you decided to pray about it, that’s understandable but he lied and he’s impotent. She lied and she has no womb and you’re already in, get out. Someone say, “Apostle, are you saying divorce?” It’s not even divorce because before the sight of God that is not marriage, that is deception. So, it’s not divorce it is dissolve.

Even in the Nigerian constitution, in the Law Court that is not marriage. That man can be sued and can be arrested. When you stand on the marriage day, there is something on the marriage card, which says “Do you know any lawful impediments?”

Lie is a lawful impediments. So, you can divorce him or her. Divorce or dissolve, anyone that suit your conscience. We have many men today who are married and have children outside because they married into a lie, and they don’t want to leave so that people will not say, they are no good Christians.

Now, this is what I said and people said I don’t sound like a pastor. How does a pastor sound? Please tell us the criteria and criterion that depicts the verbal expression of a pastor? Who do you prefer, a religious man or a real man? A religious man is dying in silence and pretending. He knows what is wrong but won’t talk. I touch any topic. I attempt any subject and if I make mistake, I’m very flexible to say I made a mistake when I do research, but I’ve done so many research and I discover, when somebody deceived you into marriage and you married, I mean deception that is destiny deception not he’s older than you or you’re older than him, those are minor things that can be trashed but destiny deception, like he has three wives and he hide the story, now you are the fourth wive get out now, that’s not your portion.

What is your take on this?


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