Minister Chinedu Azibuke is a Dubai based Minister, Grace Nation. He lives in Dubai, Joined Bedouin Emirates. He took his official Facebook page to get down on Messenger Johnson Suleiman, to quit undermining the Administration. 

Apostle Johnson Suleman is an extraordinary Godly man with no uncertainty about that. I for one accept he has Service uprightness. The authority of the minister is partisan. Your power is inside the bounds of your service. The Administration has Common Power. For instance, a spouse has local authority over his better half and children however he is under the common authority of the Legislature. 

We don’t utilize Petition and fasting to slaughter the Administration. We as a whole are the Legislature. Or maybe, we maintain our Pioneers in Fasting and Supplication to doing the correct things. They are appointed by God. (Rom.13:1) 

In your Open Letter to Femi Adesina, SSA Media to President Muhammad Buhari, you said the President called you on the telephone. That shows you have a relationship with him. You likewise said that you decided in favor of President Mohammad Buhari in the past election.

On and off your service and the landed properties you have been enlisted with CAC, you’re under government control! 

Regardless that you generally travel with the Worldwide identification of Nigeria that implies you are a resident of Nigeria! You’ve come to your meaningful conclusions. Be that as it may, to move the Legislature to “come na”….”they are frantic”! what’s more, undermine with death. We would prefer not to have an age of Christians that revile. You are a good example to many. 

The Essence of God doesn’t compromise individuals with death and condemnations. Misfortune visits everybody straightforwardly or by implication. It’s a short time.

What do think about what the Dubai based pastor said?

Do you believe Apostle Johnson Suleman should just seat and keep quiet?



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